Newsletter 18 – 1/29/16

We are excited to tell you about our Leap Year Learning Symposium – an upcoming event in the ⅚ classroom on Monday, February 29.

What is the Leap Year Learning Symposium (LYLS)?

Well, since 2016 is a leap year, and we have accrued some time through the rotation of the earth – we have decided to make February 29th unlike any other day of school. We will be hosting a conference in which all students will lead sessions and provide instruction all day long.

Today we had a brainstorming session and kids proposed initial topics. They ranged from “Saving Endangered Animals” to “How to Tie a Tie” to “Multiplying Negative Numbers.” We asked kids to make sure they picked topics that they are interested in teaching, not just topics they like. Next week, we’ll ask them to decide on a final topic, write a lesson plan, and after some feedback – practice, practice, practice!

When is the Leap Year Learning Symposium (LYLS)?

It will be on Monday, February 29th for almost the whole school day. Math, recess, lunch, and passions will happen as usual.

What will my child have to do to prepare?

Starting February 8th, we will make several homework assignments leading up to the conference. There will be a conference proposal, a call for materials, and a requirement to practice in front of an audience. A lot of the work for the LYLS will happen outside of typical school hours. Because we’ll depend on hours outside the school day, we’d like to ask about your availability to support your child at home.  We ask so we can determine what other structures we’ll need to introduce to support the project. We understand that work/family schedules may not allow for you to do all that you would like.  We want to support you and the kids.

My availability to support my child with preparation for the LYLS is:
______ Very limited- I’ll need school to help
______ Somewhat limited
______ Quite a Bit
______ Whatever time is necessary

Please sign and return this letter. Alternatively, you can email Kalei ( and Jim ( with your availability/confirmation of receipt. We will post this information digitally on our wordpress so you can access it whenever!


Other Weekly Updates

This week was our school play! We appreciate all you did to support students in remembering lines, coming up with great costumes, practicing songs, and sooooo much more.


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