Newsletter 19 – 2/6/16

Weekly Highlights

We spent time in P3 affinity mapping the characteristics of a sixth grade graduate. Students reflected on where they are in relationship to the five characteristics most essential to them.

We are finishing up our books to be sent to a primary school in Rwanda. Mr. Jim sent an email about the release form coming home!

We started to work on LYLS proposals. Students worked on filling out an initial workshop proposal (mostly in class) and brought it for a feedback session on Friday morning. Next week, homework will consist of re-working this presentation based on the feedback teachers give over the weekend. You can find a copy of what kids filled out last week here. We may add additional prompts to homework for this upcoming week based on what we read. Kids are working to include all the parts of a typical mini-lesson, though they are able to specify length. Some groups also specified preference of how many people would be in their workshop.

Kids working on book clubs have finished up their study! We are going to be working on a unit that focuses on close reading of short stories next.

Remember – kids can access typing club to practice typing at home! If you have questions on how to access typing club, please let Kalei know.


Jump n’ Jive Juliet DVDS

DVDs from the 5/6 play are on sale in the front office. They cost $15.00 and include both performances.

Monroe County Energy Challenge 

The 3/4 class has been working on an energy unit in P3 to identify our energy usage at school and find ways to reduce our usage. They have decided to take this work out to our homes as well. One of the resources our students are using is the information from the Monroe County Energy Challenge (MCEC).

The Monroe County Energy Challenge (MCEC) is a broad coalition of community organizations collaborating to reduce energy use in Monroe County, Indiana. MCEC was created in response to the Georgetown University Energy Prize, a nationwide, two-year energy savings competition. MCEC is one of 50 communities competing to see who can reduce their electricity and natural gas use the most during the 2015-2016 competition period, by using innovative, broad-reaching methods. The winning community will receive $5 million in prize money to further promote energy efficiency projects in the community!

They would like to hold a family information night about energy usage and what you can do at home to help reduce your energy consumption.  Members of the MCEC committee will come into our school to help educate our families.  If you are interested in coming to this informational meeting please fill out the following survey.  Free weatherization kits will be given out at the meeting for those who attend. (while supplies last!)

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 1st from 5:30 – 6:30.  You do not have to attend the whole time.  Just pop in and learn what you can do to help our environment and the challenge!

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