Newsletter 20 – 2/13/16

Weekly Highlights

We finished up our Rwanda books this week. Kids have been doing incredible group work. Some photos are posted here. 

In writers workshop we talked a lot about sequence in story. Three ways writers sequence is…

  • Shifting mood
  • Using paragraphs to move forward (we have a chart in the room on when to change paragraphs)
  • Using transition words like…”little did I know…” and “suddenly…”

In readers workshop, we are doing some short-story analysis. We are focusing on asking common questions about a text. We did a little bit of title analysis .


Snack schedule can be viewed here. 

Homework will actually, hopefully, be coming home this week for LYLS work. We are going to have kids work on their visual pieces in class for some bits of time next week. They’ll need to start rehearsing what they will say in their presentation. Details about LYLS and scheduling will be forthcoming.

Conferences will be ON for Monday even if weather is yucky. Please let Jim and Kalei know if you will NOT be able to make your conference.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What are your teaching points for LYLS?
  • How are you using Fresh Grade in CPR?
  • What has been happening in The Misfits?
  • How did your group collaborate successfully for the Rwanda project?

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