Newsletter 21 – 2/22/16

Weekly Highlights

The big work of the week was LYLS! We worked on refining our teaching points and planning our visual drafts. We also handed out a plan for the active engagement that was due today (Monday) that helped kids focus the activity component of their lesson. We also worked on writing up blurbs as some other classes will be attending LYLS workshops.

In writers workshop, we finished up our narrative writing pieces (the first drafts!). We learned about endings by watching highlights from a few music videos. Kids decided if they wanted a circular, emotional, or surprise ending.

In current events, we read a few articles about the primary elections and the death of Antonin Scalia. We talked about separating ideas in an article – important ideas and interesting ideas. We highlighted to code our ideas.


Homework for this week is to rehearse the presentation for LYLS. Kids need a signature on a paper we sent home. 

ISTEP Starting!

ISTEP starts next week on Tuesday in the 5/6 classroom. We will send more specific scheduling information in our next newsletter.

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