Newsletter 23 – 2/27/16

Weekly Highlights

This week we did a lot of different kinds of genre prep for our upcoming ISTEP. In reading, we did some work on reading the question and trying to answer it before looking at the multiple choice answers, we restated the question, and we re-employed our “no-maybe” strategy.

We had a guest teacher (a parent!) come in and teach us how to do some graphic organizing work with our current read aloud The Misfits. Students picked one of a huge menu of options in organizing their thinking around this very, complicated novel.

We also did a TON of prep for our LYLS project – students finalized visual pieces, rehearsed for one another, practiced with Mr. Chris after watching a Ted Talk (about giving Ted Talks), and created active engagement pieces for participants.

Previews for Next Week

LYLS is tomorrow! We will have about 30 7/8 students at any given point attending workshops, in addition to our own students. For the keynote presentations, the 3/4/5 class will be attending. Woohoo! The schedule (by “school of thought”) is pasted below. Your child should be able to tell you what part of the day they’re presenting in, but if you have questions – you can email us. There are a few kids that need soccer balls, footballs, rubiks cubes, and tennis balls for their presentations. If you have any to let us borrow – please send them in tomorrow with your names written on the item. 

  • 8-8:30 – Whole Class Meeting
  • 8:30-9 – Natural Science Workshops
  • 9-9:30 – Critical Social Inquiry Workshops
  • 9:30-10 – Humanities and Culture Workshops
  • 10-10:30-Cognitive Science Workshops
  • 10:30-11:30 – Math
  • 11:30-12:30 – Lunch/Recess & Lunch/Recess Workshops
  • 12:30-1:10- Keynotes
  • 1:10-1:40 – Interdisciplinary Arts Workshops
  • 1:40-2:30 – Reflection & Clean Up
  • 2:30-3:10 – Passions

ISTEP testing begins tomorrow as well. While the larger group of 5/6 will not be testing tomorrow, small group accommodations will be happening in/throughout the building for the next two weeks. On Tuesday, we will be doing practice tests, and on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we’ll be testing our big group. Next week, we’ll do the science and social studies test.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What are you most excited about with LYLS?
  • What will your second narrative piece be about? Have you planned it?
  • Which character do you think is most interesting in The Misfits? Why?

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