Newsletter 25 – 3/11/16

Weekly Highlights

This week was so incredible! We met a rigorous writing deadline – all writers that were here all week finished a second story first-draft. We are so excited to have a revision unit coming up after break and have multiple pieces to choose from in publishing.

We finished up ISTEP+ testing this week – part one. Kids were so very excited to have accomplished these tests – but also – to lift the “be quiet in the halls” rule 🙂

Ms. Kalei’s math group has been working on an incredible ratio-based projects. She’ll be posting a separate piece about it at it’s conclusion.

This week we also discussed use of technology – instagram, snapchat, messages, google chat – in terms of our agreement “help build each other up.” Because of some recent relational aggression issues in our classroom, we really wanted to talk about how exclusitivy can be digital, too. In the same spirit as our current read aloud, The Misfits, we started a conversation around how to ask yourself if it’s necessary when a secret is shared, or a friend is pulled aside, or if a share involves an inside joke. Kids were really receptive to this conversation and several shared personal experiences with feeling excluded. We’re working on it. Below, I’ve pasted some pages (not all of them) from the recent chapter of The Misfits that relates, in case you’re interested in referencing conversations at home.

Please be sure to check the snack schedule during break. We are totally out of snacks, so anything you can send it would be appreciated. Thanks, thanks!

IMG_9579 IMG_9580 IMG_9581

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