Newsletter 27 – 4/11/16

Weekly Highlights

In P3 this week we split into groups to study the texts Castle and Cathedral by David Macauley. Kids were focused on Maslows Hierarchy of Need as they read through the text, thinking about how people in medieval times met their varying needs.

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In writers workshop this week, we cut up our pieces – literally! We talked about how we can rearrange the different sections of our writing to help it make better sense to the reader. We practiced with some paragraphs from Brian Selznick’s latest book, The Marvels.

download (9)In readers workshop, we started book clubs. Kids have very little in class time to read for these book clubs and so they are going to need to do most of their work at home! Kids are participating in two book clubs – one with The Giver (our read aloud) and another with a book they selected. We’ve been talking a lot this week about the psychological setting.

This Friday we’ll be celebrating our Books and Beyond Project at Rhinos from 1:00-2:30! Families are welcome to join us for this celebration.

We will be having a publishing party next week – likely Friday. We’ll touch base with a specific time as we get a greater sense of where writers are in the workshop process.

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