Newsletter 28 – 4/18/16

Weekly Highlights

Thanks to all who were able to join us for our celebration of Rwanda books. We appreciated seeing so many of you!

This past week, we worked a lot on writers workshop. We had several days of long writing sessions, re-wrote our leads, and began integrating revision work into online drafts (if applicable). On Fresh Grade, some kids reflected on the most challenging work and the most helpful work in this unit.

In P3 this week, we did a full-on medieval simulation. It was oh, so much fun. We had two kings (Kalei & Jim) and they were able to collect, rent, taxes, issue proclamations, etc. The villagers (kids) chose to either build or farm, and earned coins (pennies) by doing so. Kids were so excited about this work – except for when the pneumonic plague hit the villages and wiped out more than half our class. There was also a battle simulation outside to show the differences in preparedness of knights (who got dodgeballs) and villagers (who got paper balls).

In CPR this week, we have been talking about dependence, agency, and continue to do work with social-issue-problem-solving.

In readers workshop, we are continuing to read The Giver. We’ve been discussing symbolism, metaphor, along with whether we believe the setting (the “community”) is a utopia. Very interesting perspectives have come out in discussion & in Giver Book Clubs.

Up & coming is ISTEP this week and next week. We have sessions almost every day – all testing will be online. If you’re able to contribute gum and mints, we would appreciate it!

We will eventually have a publishing party for the pieces kids have been working on in writers, but it is delayed during testing. We thought it would be this week – but now it looks more like next week. We will keep you updated!

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