Newsletter 31 – 5/10/16

Weekly Highlights

Families, sorry for the delay in the newsletter! Hoping you had a great weekend.

The big news of last week is that we launched our Biography unit. Students have been working to define what a changemaker is, did a tea party and book buffet to meet a bunch of activists and historical figures, and went to the library to pick out books on who they’ll research for the next several weeks.

We also had a publishing party to celebrate the writing we’ve been working on for two months! Students read one another’s work for almost an hour, and then did an appreciation circle. We are amazed with their stamina and endurance on these pieces.


We are beginning NWEA testing this week!

We are planning on a trip to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis on June 9th. Kids do not know about the trip just yet, but we will start accepting $6.00 per child to offset the cost of the bus. No child will be prevented from going based on this fee and if you are able to donate money for more than just your student – we greatly appreciate it. Since the trip is right before the MAW, we’ll likely be looking at how museum displays are accessible and interactive, and use the information we gather to put on our best MAW yet 🙂 More details to come.

We are also starting Spring Conference sign-ups. Jim and Kalei will both send home a hard copy letter and email you with their schedules.

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