Newsletter 32 – 5/14/16

Weekly Highlights

This week we did a round of NWEA testing – the assessment that shows student progress over time. It’s a responsive test, and kids in 5/6 really took their time and were careful with the questions. Hopefully, the conclusion of NWEA finishes off all our testing for this school year!!!

We did quite a bit of reflection work this week in anticipation of our end of year conferences and our MAW. We’ll be including some student contributions to the conference notes based on an online survey kids completed in class.

We started a new project in Performing Arts called the Integrity Song Project. In groups of 3-4, kids are writing new lyrics to an original or existing song that handle and treat the concept of integrity. We’ve already seen some amazing creative genius come out of the few days we’ve been working. Some questions you can ask to follow up with the project at home are: What is integrity? Why is it important? How can you show/model/have integrity?


As we mentioned earlier in the week, we are planning a trip to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis (we still haven’t told the whole class yet!). We are collecting a small fee of $6.00 – though all students will go regardless of ability to pay. You can send in money any time, the trip will be on June 9th.

We are starting up conferences next week. We’ve heard from so many of you (thank you!) and know we’ll hear from the rest soon. If you haven’t scheduled a conference, please contact Mr. Jim or Ms. Kalei.

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