Newsletter 33 – 5/22/16

Dear Families,

It’s been quite a week. And we’re definitely getting to that time of the year where deadlines are frequent and time is limited. We have a tentative calendar below of upcoming dates and important information.

We’ve been really focusing our study of biography on the writing piece. We’re thinking about how to tie information we gather to the larger theme of the “changemaker” unit. We are using a structure called “what?-so what?” in which kids think about why the notes they’ve taken are important.

We’re also starting work on our Museum of Authentic Work (MAW) and have formed sub-committees. We listed which units were most significant and students filled out applications. Some will be on two committees because they applied for the “steering committee” which oversees the MAW and makes sure the whole 5/6 classroom is streamlined. Kids will do some planning this upcoming week on their exhibits. Our trip to the children’s museum will be informative as a capstone to the creation of our MAW. Reminder that we are accepting $6 from families to help offset the cost of the bus, but that no one will be prevented from going based on an inability to pay.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
23 24 25 26 27
No School – Conference Day
No School – Memorial Day
31 1 2

Field Day

6 7 8 9
Children’s Museum
13 14

Last Day!


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