Newsletter 35 – 6/3/16

Weekly Highlights

This week we had so many THINGS! We finished up our biographies on Friday after several very long work sessions – our writing stamina is so incredible, especially for the end of the year. We won’t have a separate celebration for biography, but these beautiful writing pieces will be their own MAW exhibit. Most biography pieces are also on Google Docs, so feel free to ask us to share your kid’s document or ask your student.

We also had Field Day. This year, we rose to the challenge of the allergy season by playing a few epic games of capture the flag (in a mostly unmowed field), the usual hike, and scratch in a field with slightly less sunburn 🙂

We’ve been working on a daily basis to identify the “awesome” of the previous day. Each morning this week, we’ve asked students to share a sentence of a great moment, and overall, the reflections have been lovely! We also hope that zooming in on the small moments that make our days great will help produce more conversation at home.

Our MAW work is going to involve a cardboard river, a cardboard castle, and possibly some plywood – we’ll see. Students are really excited about building and constructing these exhibits and we’ll spend most of the day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday creating.

Check out our photos page for some pictures from Field Day.


-The Curricular Summit will be on Wednesday, June 8th at 6:30 – please join us in informing our curriculum for next year.

-We are traveling to Indianapolis on Thursday, June 9th to go to the Children’s Museum. We are still collecting $6.00 from families who are able to give it.

-Pajama day is on Friday, 6/10. We’ll be celebrating the end of book buddies with our 1-2 friends (who are also having pajama day).

-Pie Day is a student organized event and will be happening on the last day of school. If your child has come home and asked you about providing a pie, please feel no pressure/obligation. If you are able to provide a pie, please let me know so that I can get a sense of how many pies are coming in (the student organizing it, said there were theoretically about 13…)

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