Newsletter 1 – 8/13/16

Dear Families,

Our 5/6 classroom is off to a FANTASTIC start. We typically focus on a few main components of our classroom week in our newsletters, as well as give you any need to knows and announcements for the week.

Much of the week had to do with building new partnerships. We talked with our rookies (new students) and vets (veterans) in the classroom about their differing roles in this first part of the year. We used a protocol called Clock Partners to identify many possible partners to work with. We did team building initiatives outside, a few are pictured below.


IMG_2032 IMG_2034 IMG_2036 IMG_2038 IMG_2040 IMG_2042 IMG_2055

We also started setting up some structures for the year. We discussed independent reading time, independent writing time, and got some work happening with our hopes and dreams for the school year. On Friday, we started building our agreements as a class.

Snack Schedule – The snack schedule will usually be posted here but I have it below for the next few rounds. If you are able to provide snack for our class, we ask you to bring in enough for the whole class (usually 3-5 packages of any given item) during the week with your last name. No student will miss or not receive snack based on their ability to bring it in.

Week of 8/15 Families with the last names Ainslie-Daniels

Week of 8/22 Families with the last names Dimick-Jaynes

Week of 8/29 Families with the last names Kelley-Orth

Week of 9/5 Families with the last names  Osmon-Wisler

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What are your academic and social hopes and dreams for the year?
  • How have you been participating in Morning Meeting (greeting, share, activity, message)?
  • What was your compass point (north, south, east, west)?

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