Newsletter 2 – 8/20/16

Weekly Highlights

A huge highlight of our week was the start of our READING PATHS! In Readers Workshop, we are taking on some rigorous work – setting two, three, or four book goals for the next four and a half weeks. Students spent Tuesday browsing, Wednesday describing the next few books they’ll read and why, and then Thursday and Friday mapping out their reading and doing independent reading. Half of this unit’s focus is on having kids identify a progression of texts that feels risky but gets increasingly more challenging to them. We had just a few requirements – that the books are fiction and have a character (the other half of the unit is character analysis), that the books are risky to the readers (but not too easy and not too hard), and that the books are interesting to the reader. All students have selected a set of books they’ll be reading, and they dove in on Friday to the work. Each kid also made an individual schedule based on when they know their busy of how many pages they’ll read each day. Make sure to check in with your child about the progress of their reading path, checking off the “did I meet my goal?” section each day will serve as reading homework for the next four weeks.

Another major piece we worked on this week were our personal narrative seed stories. We discussed how we can start writing a story in different ways and developed interesting leads. Writers are thinking about many, many stories from their lives and just doing a little bit of jotting about each one but not getting too hyperfocused on any one story just yet.

We also got more into our P3 unit on our classroom design. We talked about four things to think about when designing and arranging furniture in a classroom – accessibility, mobility, zones (meaning places to different kinds of things), and inspiration. In groups of 5-6 students worked together to create a design of the classroom furniture that they think meets these four criteria. For the next nine school days, we’ll try a different design each day and give multiple kinds of feedback to the design.


The pool party is this upcoming Friday – August 26th.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What books are on your reading path? Which book are you reading right now?
  • What is Number Corner?
  • What are the classroom agreements?

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