Newsletter 3 – 8/26/16

Weekly Highlights

This week we started our small group morning meetings modeled after the middle school version of Responsive Classroom. Circle of Power & Respect (CPR) happened three times this week with the hopes line and dreams line separately. Kids worked on eye contact in our greetings, we played some new games and we did a share/activity called Rare Birds. In Rare Birds, kids write down a little known fact about themselves which are shared one at a time with the group. Then, kids try to guess who the fact belongs to.

In writers workshop we developed some of our seed stories into a FLASH DRAFT – kids wrote a quick but full version of one of their ideas from all our pre-writing in personal narrative.

In P3, we are finally moving the furniture around. Our unit on arranging our classroom (literally) has asked kids to draw and then move furniture into a design that optimizes mobility, accessibility, zones (distinct spaces for different kinds of learning) and inspiration. We’ve made it through four designs, each of which was reflected on in a different way. We have five more designs to go and will use components from all of them to determine the final arrangement of the classroom.

IMG_2432 IMG_2414 IMG_2346 IMG_2361





Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • Where are you in your reading path? Are you reaching your goals?
  • What images did you choose for your collaging project?
  • What story did you write as your flash draft?


IMG_2353IMG_2356 IMG_2358IMG_2354 IMG_2355  IMG_2357   IMG_2360IMG_2359

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