Newsletter 4 – 9/4/16

Weekly Highlights

In Readers Workshop we started thinking about our characters identities. One of our throughlines of the year is – I feel good about my many identities and know they don’t make me better than people with other identities. As our class develops and grows more fully into the meaning of this throughline (and our agreements) we are starting to look for connections with our characters. This week this work manifested in creating identity maps for our characters. We first did so with our read aloud of Rollergirl, and you can see the map the class generated during our discussions of the main character Astrid and her new friend Zoey.

IMG_2500 IMG_2501

Students started to map the identities of the main character in their Reading Path books, considering multiple aspects of these identities – not just character traits. They then brought in mapping of a second character because our next step in this work is to recognize how having different identities brings different perspectives to a conflict.

Another component of our week was getting onto our Fresh Grade portfolios. We use Fresh Grade (it’s an app, a website, and so much more) to keep track of assignments, to have online conversations with kids about their work, to capture the final pieces and the in process pieces of workshops, and a lot of other stuff. We’ll show you the ongoing Fresh Grade portfolios at our fall conferences (if not sooner). Kids will have a time at least once a week where they login and respond to a prompt about the week – sometimes it will be academic and sometimes it’ll be more social-emotional. This past week we asked them to write about their first reading path book, summarize the book, and write a bit about the characters.

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

  • September 5th – no school! Labor day!
  • September 6th is TPS skate night at Western Skateland from 6:30-8:30
  • September 13th is the deadline of the second Reading Path book
  • September 16th is our personal narrative deadline for writers workshop – we will be working in class to get this piece published in the next two weeks
  • Fall conferences are going to start in a few weeks – we’ll send you more information soon

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • Which personal narrative story are you thinking about publishing ?
  • Which kinds of feedback in P3 have been the most interesting for you to give/receive?
  • What do you think the final classroom design will look like – what worked from your group? What didn’t?
  • How are CPR and Morning Meeting similar/different?

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