Newsletter 5 – 9/10/16

Weekly Highlights

We talked this week about taking breaks – when we take them, why we take them, and how we take them. We framed this conversation around how everyone – adults, kids, pets – has to take breaks from what they are doing sometime. We can call this taking “space” or taking a minute or taking a break, but really what we are doing is trying to figure out how to re-engage. Tying this work to our throughlines, we discussed how breaks will differ based on who we are and that there is no “better” or “worse” way to take a break. Everyone practiced taking a break in the way they felt most comfortable with – grabbing a drink of water, moving their physical posture, tapping their pencil, etc.

We also finished up our final P3 reflection for our design unit. We used one form of the design process as a way to talk through and reflect on our steps in this unit. We’ve been adjusting to the new design quite well.


Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • Your writing deadline is next Friday, how do you feel about the status of your piece?
  • When do you need to take a break? What kinds of breaks do you like/need to take?
  • Your Reading Path is coming to a close (on Tuesday), how have you pushed yourself in this reading unit?
  • Tell me about small, medium, and large conflict.


Math Night

Meet your child’s math teacher, learn about the ways we engage with our students as mathematicians, and come away with strategies for how you can support your child’s math success during this brief evening event on Thursday, September 22, from 6:30-7:30pm. The evening will be in two-30 minute sessions so that if you have children in more than one math class you can at least get to two of the sessions. Your TPS child is welcome to join you in their math class for this event. Unlike many of our “open house” structures, where it makes sense to float through, this evening is more of a presentation – so you will want to be in the classroom from the beginning to the end of the 30-minute session. Email MS. HEATHER with questions that you want to have specifically answered on this night.

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