Newsletter 10 – 11/4/16

Weekly Highlights

Getting work done has been the theme of this week! We tied up a lot of loose ends – our work with the 13 colonies, our silly stories, and our recent work with the Electoral College. Many folks in 5/6 have goals around responsibility, systems of organization, and taking initiative. We worked a lot on hustling to independent work and making sure your writing has quality. Make sure to connect with your child on what they were able to get done and what they learned about meeting deadlines.

We’ve been continuing with our body image work in Readers workshop. About half the class listened to a Ted Talk which you can find here, though it’s an edited and audio version of the original – sans some photos/language that seemed more mature.

We also had an amazing activity with Mr. Scott involving political platforms. Kids were asked to determine their opinions on ten major topics in the present election – but the opinions were unassociated with a candidate or party when kids read them. Later, he revealed which statement went with each party (generally). Check out your child’s reflection on Fresh Grade if you can – they were fascinated by the results as most of them were pretty spread out across the libertarian, green, democratic, and republican parties.


Reminder – snack schedule is on this page.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • What have you been learning about body image and advertising?
  • How is your group doing with the “Books and Beyond” books? What kind of book are you writing? What are your ideas?
    • What have you learned about Rwanda?
  • Tell me about Moment of Science (We’ve been including the WFIU podcast Moment of Science into our dismissal routine. You can find all the archived episodes here.)  

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