Newsletter 11 – 11/11/16

Weekly Highlights

We really had a chance to dig into our CGTQ “Perspectives,” this week with all of our discussions on the election. We began to watch the film 1776 in P3, which has to do with the compromising and points of view in the development of the Declaration of Independence. It was fitting to see these dynamics in representative government play out while we were also building theories on what would happen to the “battleground states” during the election.

On Wednesday morning, after the results came in, we sat as a class in meeting and talked about what feelings we were experiencing in response to the President Elect Donald Trump. Students were so careful and non-judgmental with listening to the feelings of their classmates. Many points of view were expressed and much compassion and patience was exhibited. Later in the day, we had a chance to respond on Fresh Grade to the results, specifically in how the Electoral College and our simulation related to what actually happened!


The other big focus of our week has been on research in writers and readers time. Students are very excited to look more deeply into topics they feel passionate about – that begin with the question stem “should…” Some of their topics include:

  • Should schools have dress codes?
  • Should animals be tested on?
  • Should insect habitats be protected?
  • Should toys be segregated by gender?
  • Should gaming be considered a sport?
  • Should football be banned because of concussions?

We’ve been talking about student friendly resources to do research and also about how to determine key words in a search. A few photos of anchor charts are below for you to reference.

img_3622 img_3623


We are finally running low on snack. Please make sure you send it in if it is your week!

Next Tuesday we will be traveling to the library to see the 3/4 performance of The Lion King. This will happen around 10am.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • What is your topic in writers workshop?
  • How are you feeling about the election / election process / electoral college?
  • What new games have you been playing in morning meeting? Which ones do you like?
  • How were there different points of view this week in class?


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