Newsletter 14 – 12/11/16

Weekly Highlights

5/6 is in mid-swing with all of our projects and getting ready to tie things up before break. We started meeting around our book clubs. We’re reading Save Me a Seat, The One and Only Ivan, The Jumbies, Under the Persimmon Tree, Home of the Brave, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Flora and Ulysses. Our unit theme is “Strangers in a Strange Land” so we spent the first two meetings talking about what it means to BE a stranger, how/when we know someone is feeling like they are a stranger. We talked about the different conditions and identities of our characters, how the main character is sometimes thought to be the stranger and then it ends up being someone else in the novel. In all the novels, there is a dynamic where someone is in the story/setting that wouldn’t normally be. For example, in Home of the Brave, Kek is a Somalian refugee in Minnesota. He has no contact with or understanding of what has happened to his parents and he’s forced to figure out how to live in the United States. This work has proven to be powerful, especially in considering how we have empathy for the characters/are connected to the characters. Next week we’ll be doing some work around allyship.

We are finishing up our P3 projects, which we will turn in and present on Tuesday. Students may have already brought these pieces home to work toward getting them done on time!


We will be seeing Oliver on December 22nd at the Buskirk Chumley! We are asking that families contribute $6.50 for this trip if they are able. No child will be prevented from going due to an inability to pay. If you are able to give more than $6.50 to fund another kiddo, please let us know!

Homework this week will be prep for book clubs. If your child is in LLI, they do not need to do the writing components of the book club work unless they have time to do so!

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What kinds of meditation did you learn this week (4-7-8 breath, think before you think)?
  • What did you incorporate into your writing this week? How many body paragraphs have you written and what are they about?

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