Newsletter 15 – 12/22/16

Weekly (Two of them!) Highlights

We’ve worked a lot on our essays and due to our accidental four day weekend, we won’t be done before 2017 arrives. We’ll pick up these pieces when we get back. In the meantime, if students feel like working on their pieces over the break, they can review on Google Docs or in print and use our final piece checklist, which can be found here.

(almost) ALL the P3 projects are done! We’ll be adding some documentation around these after winter break, adding pictures of posters to Fresh Grade. Several of the performances have already been uploaded.

Book Clubs finished and we had a great time discussing the themes that went along with Strangers in a Strange Land.

The Variety of Talent show was on Wednesday and Oliver was on Thursday. We had such lovely experiences as participants and audience members at both of these performances.

Questions to Ask Your Child At Home:

  • Looking through Fresh Grade, what do you think is your biggest success of the year so far? What goal do you want to set for the next part of the year?
  • How did you write a compelling/serious/exciting/engaging argument in your writing piece?
  • What were some surprises of the Variety of Talent show? What acts did you like or love?
  • How did you feel about Oliver? What did you learn about the time period? What did you like/dislike about the production of the show?

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