Newsletter 21 – 2/20/17

Weekly Highlights

The week of the show is upon us! Please see below an additional copy of the costume letter in case it never made its way home to you these past few weeks. There are two performances – both on Thursday – for the Hopes line and the Dreams line. We can’t wait to see you then.

Last week did quite a bit of work with our annual genre-study for the ISTEP+ test. We have been talking a lot about the qualities of “exemplar” ISTEP responses. After reviewing some scored materials, kids generated a list of what they think makes up a good response in these types of situations. They – in smaller groups – read passages and answered some short questions.

In Writers Workshop we finished up our fantasy stories and have moved onto the next step in this genre study. We’re CO-WRITING pieces with partners in the class! On Friday, these new partnerships met and planned out a plot arc in which 2-3 characters are all responding differently to a problem or conflict.

We worked on finishing up a project in Readers Workshop – viewfinders through which we’re able to see multiple perspectives on a situation in our novels. We’ll be completing these this upcoming week.


ISTEP testing will start next week (2/27). During these weeks we need some extra supplies from home if you are able. We typically try to provide chewing gum, lifesavers mints, and good-erasered-pencils during the ISTEP testing days. If you’re able to provide these items (or anything else you may think is good) – let Ms. Kalei know!

HONK! Jr. is this week. We’ve been practicing oh so much and are excited to see the show come fully into being.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • How are you feeling about the upcoming show?
  • What were the multiple perspectives you represented in your reading project?
  • What story did you plan with your writing partner?

Costume Letter

February 4, 2017

Dear 5/6 Families,

On the back of this letter, you will find a costume breakdown for our HONK! musical theatre performance that is just two weeks away! If you are unable to locate an outfit for the show or have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at All outfits may be worn with black pants if you are unable to find pants that match their shirt color.

Performances will be at the Ivy Tech/Waldron Auditorium on

Thursday, February 23rd
Mr. Jim’s HOPES cast will perform at 6pm
Ms. Kalei’s DREAMS cast will perform at 7:15pm

There are TWO separate casts performing. Students in the 6pm HOPES show should arrive at 5:45pm. Students in the 7:15pm DREAMS show should arrive NO EARLIER than 7pm, in order to not disturb the first performance. Parents are welcome to attend the dress rehearsals earlier that day, if they would like to see the other cast perform.  See you on February 23th!

Mr. Chris
TPS Performing Arts Specialist, K-8



*All outfits may be worn with black pants, if you are unable to find pants that match the shirt color.

**Ava, Nora & Katrina also need all-white (swan) outfits that can be worn under their gray one.

Ugly Duckling all gray
Ida Duck all brown
Drake Duck all light brown
Maureen Duck all brown
Turkey dark brown
Grace Duck all white
Henrietta Hen all orange
Ducklings all yellow
Jim & Jay Bird Reporters all blue w/ suit jacket
Cats all black
General Greylag Goose all gray and/or camoflage
Dot Goose all gray and/or camoflage
Military Geese all gray and/or camoflage
Bullfrogs all green
Swans all white


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