Newsletter 23 – 3/6/17

Voices of 5/6

This week the Voice of 5/6 contributors are Kaden, Sydney, Zoey, Koral, Lucy and Surya.

In visual arts we are creating A-Z books on different topics.  We are finding words and making a design to represent each letter.  For example, if the topic were animals we could do D for Donkey and draw a donkey.  We are also making complex mazes.

In writers we have a deadline for a first draft for our partner stories.  Partner stories are fantasy stories about different creatures and lands.  We are working in pairs or groups.  Each writer has their own character.  We are writing the different perspectives of each character.

In ISTEP we finished the English/language arts and math.  Next week we will have science and social studies.

We started Invitations.  In Invitations we are researching a topic of our choice.  For example, “Food Advertisements” is one choice.  We choose something that interests us, we learn about the topic and we do a project.  We can suggest new topics.  Invitations are fun and interesting.

In performing arts we are working on singing the song “Away”.  We watched an interview with the choreographer from Moana.

At recess we have been playing Capture the Flag. CTF is a fun game to play at recess. About 20 people play CTF each day.


We will have whole group ISTEP testing tomorrow – doing the social studies & science test.

We DO have writing homework this week – kids are assigned to write a thank you letter to an adult in their lives.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • In writers workshop, you’ll soon choose which story to publish – your partner one or your individual one. What story do you think you’ll work on after spring break?
  • In Legal Literacy you’re planning for the upcoming mock trial (on April 7th) – are you on the prosecution or the defense? What do you think your arguments will be?
  • What invitation did you choose and why? What project are you thinking about doing?

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