Newsletter 27 – 4/16/17

 Voices of 5/6

This is your Voice of 5/6 update.  A small group of students met during lunch on Friday to comment on the events of the week and share highlights with families. The contributors for this week are Surya, Asher, Emily, Kaimi, Ella and Monet.

In arts we planted vegetables like beets and onions.  We are doing this to give back to the community.  The food we raise will be donated to the Food Bank.  Ms. Sara will be working with Ms. Kalei on our next P3 project on plants.  Also in arts we are still working on mazes and ABC books.  Some people have started working on optical illusions.

For our mock trial we are finishing our work on the plaintiff team and defense team.  We formed our questions that we will ask the witnesses (who are also students).  Our opening and closing statements are strong and we are excited to see who wins.

In writers we have been working on fantasy stories.  We drafted, revised and edited. Today we are finishing the stories.  We filled out editing checklists to make sure the stories followed the guidelines of the editing rules.

We started a new workshop called “Perceptions”.  We filled out two surveys-one on self esteem and one on how we feel about the school.  The surveys will help the teachers figure out what to work on.

This week we have been doing ISTEP practice.  We have been using computers to simulate/practice the tests.  We went over the computer tools and did practice questions.  We have done math, English/language arts, science (6th grade) and social studies (5th grade).

In CPR students have been planning and organizing morning meeting.  We planned greeting, share, message and an activity.  This will help us progress on our leadership skills.


We are starting a P3 unit that is on GROWING food! We are going to focus on three main questions:

  • Where does my food come from?
  • Why do some have enough food and others don’t?
  • Where do I fit in?

We’re also working with the data we collected on self-esteem. Our next writing unit will be a study of zines in contribution to a whole class publication on belonging.

Snack Schedule – we finally need snack again!

Week of 4/17  Families with the last names Ainslie-Daniels

Week of  4/24 Families with the last names Dimick-Jaynes

Week of 5/1 Families with the last names Kelley-Orth

Week of 5/8  Families with the last names  Osmon-Wisler

Questions of 5/6

  • How are you feeling about round 2 of ISTEP?
  • Talk to me about the publication process – how did you feel about drafting? revising? editing? publishing?
  • What have you been thinking about the work on self-esteem in class?
  • What did you think of the mock trial?

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