Newsletter 30 – 5/5/17

Voices of 5/6

This is your Voice of 5/6 update.  A small group of students met during lunch on Friday to comment on the events of the week and share highlights with families. The contributors for this week are James, Emily, Phoenix, and Katie.

In Readers we have been reading a lot of political articles.  We have been listening to podcasts too. We have been summarizing what we have read.  We made concept maps for our topic and individual articles.  Katie thinks it is the best unit yet.  We can write and listen or listen and read along with the articles.  

In Writers we are still working on our Zines.  Next week we will be publishing.  We have enjoyed making pages.  Some topics have included an affirmation about feeling good about myself,  a playlist of music to help me feel happy, a list of how to stay calm and a cartoon about a cat and a dog.  We are looking forward to choose final topics and publish.

In P3 we have been doing invitations about food.  We are exploring different sources related to our topics. Invitations topics include Meat, Bees, 3 Sisters, Food Labels, Seeds and Migrant Workers. We learned migrant workers are often victims of trafficking and assault.  The conditions in the migrant housing are very dangerous. Workers are afraid to report crimes.  In “Seeds” we learned that the food coloring Red 20 is used to make berries keep their color.  It makes berries look fresher longer but may hide that the berries have gone bad.

In performing arts we are learning about the 7-8 play “The Cradle Will Rock”. In the 1930’s people who got hurt on the job would lose their job.  Since thousands were unemployed the businesses could replace hurt workers.  The play was written thanks to a government arts program to support artists during the Depression.

In CPR we split into two different groups.  We have been working on “friendship” and “communication”.  We are looking forward to using what we learn to solve problems.  


Info about school pictures! There will be pictures daily around 8:10 next week in the cafe. The schedule is as follows.

Monday– K, 4/5/6
Tuesday- 5/6
Wednesday- 3/4
Thursday- 1/2
Friday- 7/8

Please fill out this form with your plans for the curricular summit.

In 5/6 for the MAW – Museum of Authentic Work – we have the kids list the major units of study and themes they’d like to represent. With our CGTQ (Perspectives) incorporated in all of the MAW-related work, kids usually narrow the long list down to 8-10 exhibits they would like to create. We always have interactive elements to our exhibits as well as use a variety of physical props and architecture to make them interesting. In small teams of 4-7, kids work on these exhibits for 1-2ish weeks in preparation for the museum. We often go to several museums throughout May to really study what museums do to help their audience learn something new.

After we get a pulse on the units, we are hopeful that some of you – family members – may join us in developing these exhibits and taking them the extra mile. You’d have to have some flexibility and be able to come to school multiple days. It would be a bit of a commitment, but having your ideas and voices in the mix would be incredible. We’re hoping to pair family members with committees to help them think big, out of the box, and develop a great exhibit – as well as help build.

We have some super secret MAW-related plans brewing. We have an upcoming  trip to the Indy Children’s Museum on May 23rd to launch and link to the MAW. We are going to put kiddos on the task of exploring the museum and finding elements they hope to incorporate into their fabulous exhibits come June 13th. We’re hoping to collect $6 from each family (or more if you want to donate) to help with the cost of the trip. No child will be prevented from going on this trip due to an inability to pay. You can start sending in $6 on Monday please!

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What piece are you going to publish in the zine?
  • How have your ideas about news shifted since the start of this unit?
  • What have you learned about friendship/communication this week? Has any of it been applicable to situations that go on with you or with others at school? Have you been able to use or find times where strategies taught may be helpful?


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