Newsletter 33 – 5/26/17

We went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum!

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We had many, many great takeaways that we will be applying to our MAW exhibits & displays. In the next few weeks we’ll be working to bring forward our theme – stepping into someone’s shoes – in our exhibits. Half of us will be visiting the Mather’s Museum on June 6th & June 8th to consult with an educational outreach museum staffer to learn more about docenting. We’ll also be traveling to the library those two days with the other half the group to continue our study of theme through picture book, poetry, novel.

Another piece we did this week was introduce the pop-art project for P3. We planned what we want our pop art to showcase from plants, invitations, etc.

Students have also generated ideas about where we’d like to sell/distribute our Zine! We have a list of businesses/organizations we hope to reach out to – let me (Kalei) know if you have any personal connections to these businesses and if you feel comfortable approaching them together!

-Half price books
-Boxcar books
-Book Corner
-Square donuts
-Farmers market?
-Barnes and Noble
-Monroe County Public Library?
-Clinic where James mom works?
-Vintage Phoenix
-Rainbow Bakery
-City Hall?
-Chocolate Moose
-Game Preserve
-Bean & bicycle
-Tiny libraries?

We did all three NWEA tests this past week as a whole group and several kids have tests to finish/complete in small groups in the next week.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • What were/are your observations on the exhibits at the museum?
  • How is your engagement at this point in the year? How are you focusing, feeling, etc.?
  • What is your MAW group thinking about doing for your exhibit?

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