Newsletter 35 – 6/19/17

Dear Families,

The end of the year is always so bittersweet for me and Mr. Jim. We love working with your children and you so deeply. We’ve all had such silly times, serious times, times to question, and times to answer.

Our final community project – the MAW is often overflowing with the feelings that come when something reaches an end – bursts of energy, struggles (and not) with patience and flexibility, a push for something big and great, something that unifies us, and something that we work on very hard and together. Thanks to so many of you for supporting not only our MAW last Tuesday, but also the work of the MAW, the work we’ve done all year long.

Some quick announcements~

  • We have a few pairs of shoes from the MAW that we will hold onto until next year if you want to claim them.
  • Our Zine is currently for sale at Boxcar Books, Hopscotch Coffee, and Gather! Please encourage your family and friends to purchase it.
  • If your child did not receive their copy of the zine for free, we will be holding these copies through early next year – additionally, I’m super happy to drop them by (seriously!)

Below are some photos from the MAW and the last days of school. Please feel free to reach out to me and/or to Jim with questions you have about the end of the school year/next school year. We’ll do our best to respond promptly.

Newsletter 34 – 6/4/17

Voice of 5/6

This is your Voice of 5/6 update.  A small group of students met during lunch on Friday to comment on the events of the week and share highlights with families. The contributors for this week are Tori, Surya, Phoenix and Zadyn.

In MAW we worked on our theme.  We have been meeting in groups to plan.  We finalized the exhibit plans and started making signs. We had a vote on who is going to be in each committee.  MAW is pretty fun.  It is one of our big projects.  We are putting a lot of time into the project.  We get to work with new people and it is fun to be involved.

In Readers Workshop we have been reading a book centered on one theme.  Most of us have finished our novel. We have moved on to picture books.  We are looking for picture books with the same theme.  Then we are looking for a poem with the same theme. Most people are finding that finding the poem is difficult.  Others think that the picture books are tough to match with a novel.

In Performing Arts we have been working on playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on the ukulele.  We have been thinking about the meaning of the song.  In Visual Arts we are working on Pop ART and connecting it to our P3 project on food, bees and migrant workers.

In Writers we worked on our spring On Demand piece.  We wrote stories at the beginning of the year.  We looked at them and rewrote and fixed them up to show what we learned about writing this year.  Our stories are much better now.

We finished NWEA testing.  

The noise level in the cafeteria has been a problem.  It has been too loud and some complaints have been made.  Recess has been pretty calm.  


We are going on two field trips this week! We could still use two chaperones (one for each day) for the library trips!

On Tuesday – Dreams goes to Mather’s Museum @ 9:00 and Hopes goes to Library @ 10:20. Both back before 11:30.
On Thursday – Hopes goes to Mather’s Museum @ 9:20 and Dreams goes to Library @ 10:20. Both back before 11:30.
PLANTS – We are planning on sending home plants this week from our P3 unit. Our hope is that these splendiferous plants will bloom and blossom some delicious eats for you and your family members in the next weeks. Students can use a pot from school, but if you have your own pot (~10-12inch) please send it in on Wednesday. We plan on sending home tomato plants or pepper plants because we have so many of them!
We need perhaps one person or two to send in snack for these last two days. If you’re willing, let me (Kalei) know.