Newsletter 2 – 8/19/17

Weekly Highlights

This week we came together as a community to form our agreements! We used a word cloud that showed the different needs students in our classroom have to achieve their hopes and dreams.


After several days of brainstorming and consensus making, we decided on these:

  • Create a calm, peaceful environment.
  • Show kindness, respect, and support.
  • Push yourself in the risk zone.  Nicknamed: “Pushky”

We also jumpstarted our personal narrative unit. On Tuesday, we did our big memory museum to jog some ideas. We read some popular personal narratives and used them to make connections. We ended the week by writing short summaries of stories we’d like to explore.

In P3, we checked out the junior ranger eclipse packet – created by Bill Nye & the National Parks. We used a thumbtack and an index card to create a pinhole sun viewer.

Some language we’ve referenced in class that you may need at home:

  • agreements: classroom rules, created by students
  • hopes & dreams: the goals children set for themselves academically and in the community
  • crewlines: assigned lesson seats
  • work spots: independent work places (mostly assigned)
  • IDR: independent daily reading, a quiet reading time when students simply read a book they are interested in
  • flow: a state of being/feeling in which time doesn’t occur to the person because they are so engaged in what they are doing


–Please remember to check out our snack schedule on our General Info page
–Our Family Survey is still live – please fill it out if you haven’t already
–If your child will be absent for the day/part of the day on Monday to see the eclipse, please let us know.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What were some of the activities you did in morning meeting this week? How did they help the community?
  • What have you been reading during IDR? Stamina pushed to about 30 minutes this week, how have you stayed focused?
  • This week there was a focus on individuals sharing, both in morning meeting and in writing. Did you share? Why/why not? What did you learn about others?

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