Newsletter 3 – 8/28/17

Weekly Highlights

We had a TOTALLY AWESOME TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE last Monday. We spent the day doing special eclipse-related activities, reading myths, lore & tradition around solar eclipses, and watching live footage online.

We introduced our CGT for the year – CONNECTIONS – as well as the associated questions. We’ve been working on making, building, and questioning connections regularly.

We taught and practiced the Take a Break structure. When kids need to take a break from what they are doing -based on a teacher’s determination or their own, they have several spaces in the classroom to go. Here is an article from Responsive Classroom that talks about Take a Break from a teacher perspective.


  • Information about Bradford Woods went home on Friday via email.
  • Homework started today in 5/6. Over the next two weeks, students have a variety of assignments they can try for homework, and their goal will be to complete five. They’ll record what they do on a sheet and turn that in on September 8th. You can find a pdf of the assignment online and we have many extra hard copies in the classroom.
  • Bradford Woods paperwork will go home in the next two days. We’ll need these pieces back no later than September 6th.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • You wrote a first draft this week – what was that process like? What small moment story were you telling and why?
  • What has been the most successful part of your school days so far?
  • What has having morning meeting in a small group (CPR) been like? What have you learned about your classmates?

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