Newsletter 6 – 9/24/17

Weekly Highlights

This week we went to Bradford Woods! We had such a fun time with many many memories to share with you. Our trail groups focused on lessons around: benthic macro invertebrates, outdoor survival shelter/skills [including building a fire], nighttime adaptations of animals, how different rocks are formed, and how to leave no trace.

Another big part of our Bradford Woods experience was learning about YUK! — or food waste. Make sure to ask your child how their tables worked to reduce food waste in the dining hall.

We also spent a lot time thinking about connections – what the connections were between ourselves and our natural environment, the connections to the Bradford Woods staff, to TPS students, to our habits, etc. While incredibly exhausting, the experience left many students feeling different about the world than they did just three days before.


  • We have been experiencing a lot of tardies in 5/6 – 19 children were tardy at least once in the last two weeks! Please make sure your child is here by 8:00am to get all the things done in the morning that help them prepare for the day.
  • Our Bradford Woods and Personal Narrative celebration is in Bryan Park tomorrow. Please see the letter pasted below for more details and what we need families to bring.
  • We will start using our new (!!!) Chromebooks this week. Kids are very excited about having 1:1 functional technology in our classroom.
  • Homework got passed out on Friday – it will be due on October 5th — the paper says September 8th, which would be a very difficult deadline to meet without a time machine.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • How did you feel about learning outdoors? What did you learn?
  • What kinds of creatures, trees, and ideas did you encounter while at Bradford Woods ?
  • Why does the presence of certain animals tell you about water quality?
  • What are helpful things for a camper to have if they are staying overnight outdoors for multiple days?
  • How do different animals adapt to night time?

Invitation to Celebration

Dear ⅚ families,

We are having a celebration at Bryan Park. This celebration is for our Bradfordwoods  trip and to celebrate our personal narrative writing pieces. Our celebration is this Monday, the 25th of September, between 6pm to 7:30pm.

You can stop by anytime in between 6pm and 7:30pm. We will meet on the big field on the south-west-side of the park.  At this celebration we will be playing Bradford Woods style Capture The Flag, having s’mores, singing songs from Bradford Woods, arts and crafts, and showing our Bradford Woods journal and our writing pieces.

If you have any of the following that you could bring Monday, please contact Ms.Kalei, Mr. John, or Ms. Rebecca. :

  • Fold out tables
  • Pop up tents
  • S’more roasting sticks
  • Chocolate (for s’mores)
  • Your child (you don’t have to contact ms.Kalei about this one)

If you come please make sure your child is wearing his/hers Bradfordwoods T-shirts.

From the ⅚ friends!

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