Newsletter 17 – 1/21/18

Weekly Highlights

This week we wrapped up editing on our persuasive narratives. If you are curious to see these pieces, you can check them out with your child by asking them to log into Google Classroom – we have been using this platform to organize all the student work that is produced digitally in our class.

We also started a quick turnaround project that we intended to complete over MLK day. We are making busts (think of the brass sculptures of famous and/or celebrated figures in history) of people that have made lasting social change. We assigned students a person to read about (a lot of biographies were pulled from the two books pictured below) and they are going to be creating a visual piece that you’ll be able to see in our hallways in the next week or so!

We also started our work with Books and Beyond. Books & Beyond is an IU foundation that works to promote English literacy in a primary school in Rwanda. Our class is writing stories that will be published in a volume that will be sent over the summer to this school. We started brainstorming ideas this week for what our stories will be.


-This week, students will bring home short stories to read as homework. They will have hard copies and we will try to make them digitally accessible through Google Classroom if possible. We will use these stories the following week in our next literacy unit (which will focus on short story analysis).

-We are seeking donations for any bar-stool type seats that you may have lingering around in your basement or garage. We are trying to increase the diversity of types of power spots available in our classroom. Please let me, John, & Rebecca know if you have any that you’re willing to donate.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What invitations did you choose for your study in P3? Why did you pick that invitations?
  • What story is your group going to write for Books and Beyond?
  • Who are you reading a biography about? What have you learned about them?

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