Newsletter 19 – 2/4/18

Weekly Highlights

We dug into analysis of our short stories (that students read for homework) this week. We did some work around theme – the lesson of a story. We studied how to find textual evidence to support the themes we generated. In small groups, students met to discuss themes of their stories after trying it out on their own. We also had a really lovely discussion of our favorite childhood books (The Hungry Caterpillar was very popular!).


This week we worked to finish the illustrations that we created for our Books and Beyond project. We are in our final stages of publishing these pieces and sending them off to be compiled in a book! We will be sending home a release form for your child’s name and photograph to be in the book. Since most of the work is done as a group, your child’s group’s work will appear in the book, but details related to them do not have to. Please return this permission slip by Friday this week!

We are also tying up our biography projects, which you may have started to see in the cubbies right outside our classroom. The projects that haven’t been completed yet will get sent home as a part of homework this week.

Mr. Chris gave out roles for our play James and the Giant Peach. Our play will be April 17th – so we have a few months to rehearse and learn the lines, lyrics & choreography. We will be practicing whole class numbers throughout the school day – the songs are so good!

We’ve been studying the countries of Africa, and students are setting their own goals for learning the names of these countries. We are doing a “quiz” type piece on Fridays, and students try and add to their goals. You can find out how many countries your child hopes to learn on Fresh Grade.


  • If your child has completed their biography, they will have two short stories and a writing piece for homework this week.
  • If your child has not completed their biography, they will have one short story and their biography project to finish at home.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • How did your Africa Country Challenge Quiz go this week?
  • What social risks did you take this week? How did the “big circle” for morning meeting go?
  • What was the short story work like? Did you feel prepared after reading the stories for homework?
  • What did you do to help your Books & Beyond team?

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