Newsletter 21 – 2/23/18

Weekly Highlights

This week we did some work getting ready for ISTEP+ testing. We took most of our practice tests as a big group as well as students that test individually & in smaller groups. We will begin actual ISTEP testing on Monday. Here are a few things to keep in mind with testing:

  • Establish an early bedtime routine, to ensure your child/children receives at least 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Remove distractions from their bedroom to ensure they have an uninterrupted sleep.
  • We are completing the “constructed response” section of ISTEP.  This section of the exam will ask students to respond to open-ended questions.
  • Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast before school.
  • Be positive about the test! Don’t put undue pressure on your child’s performance.
  • Reassure your child, let them know that they just need to do their best.
  • Any appointments that are scheduled in the mornings are likely to impact student testing and makeups. If you have an appointment that you are unable to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • There are 3 subjects tested per each grade and 4 sections -ELA (2 sections), Math, and Social Studies/Science (5th/6th)

We used the image of a pie chart to talk about how to plan out the testing sessions. All of our testing this year is online, so we familiarized ourselves with the testing screen, buttons, etc.

To balance the structure of ISTEP, we worked on our Invitations topics during our P3 time. We also worked on a launching experience for our new writing unit.


We are in need of gum (sugar free), mints (lifesavers, preferably) and pencils. The mints/gum are for ISTEP testing sessions. Pencils, we have somehow run out of! If you are able to bring any of these items in, please let Ms. Kalei know!

We sent homework bingo home with kids on Monday. We are hoping they will bring it back by March 2. We also have a geography quiz scheduled for the week of March 5th. Your child has set their own goals for this quiz, and most have their first quiz grades posted on Fresh Grade.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • On Friday, you completed a challenge during your Fresh Grade time – what was it? [cuing words: drawing a picture, robots]
  • How did you feel about the pie-chart structure for ISTEP – do you think you’ll use it? How will it be helpful?
  • What is an injustice you’ve found in your Invitations study? How was power involved?


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