Newsletter 24 – 4/2/17

Weekly Highlights

We enjoyed our first week back after break – even if it was cut a little short. We have three big things to tell you.

  1. In Writers Workshop, we are studying INTERVIEWS! Students are eagerly learning about note taking and interviewing skills as we discuss where these interviews will go. Since they’ve pursued lots of topics  through Invitations, we will be having them select from a heap of issues related to social justice. Additionally, we’ll be focusing these issues on LOCAL activism and activists.
  2. In P3, we are moving into a CONFERENCE! We will be hosting a conference the week of May 16-18 – we’re not solid on which specific date. Our conference will be called Change Makers: Alternatives to Violence. Every student will lead a workshop, in which something related to our theme is taught and engaged with. (Families who had kids in our room during LYLS – the structure will be similar, though the content will be more specific). We will focus on topics that are more relevant to our healthy relationships study, movements, gender, puberty, etc. Kids will not focus on physical and/or gun violence. We’ll be asking kids to seek alternatives… some possibilities might be:
    • How to do self-care at home
    • What is relational aggression?
    • Books & poems that address self-confidence
    • Your brain on Instagram – body image
  3. Students have been assigned book clubs and agenda books. If your child does Read Live, they will need to continue with it as their homework, and will not be doing the book club assignments.
    • Each week they’ll have two writing assignments due as well as reading
    • They will have some time in class to complete these assignments, but will need to do work outside of school.
    • Each morning, they will check in with their book club teacher to determine if their reading deadlines are being met.
    • Agenda Books: All students have been given an agenda book that they’ll be recording assignments in daily. There will be a poster in the room as well as a master copy of their agenda book that they’ll replicate in their books during the dismissal time. You will see writing in their agenda books every day!
    • Additionally, these agenda books will need to come home and to school every day. We’re hoping they find cozy lodgings in backpacks 😉




James and the Giant Peach costume information went home last Monday – be sure you were able to access that email/attachment.  The show will be on April 17th!

Hopes students need to arrive at 5:45 and their performance will be at 6

Dreams students need to arrive at 7 (and no earlier – the previous show will be going on) and they’ll perform at 7:15

Performances will be at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Auditorium

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • What was the three block method (of note-taking) and how did you use it with Ms. Rebecca’s stories?
  • What did you learn about conferences? What are the roles of participants and presenters?
  • What countries in South America have you studied so far?

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