⅚ Newsletter -4/16

Weekly Highlights

There is so much excitement in the air these days…

Here’s what was overheard during our Interviews this week…(Writer’s Workshop):

“I would be happy to come and do this again. Anytime.”– from the director of the LGBTQ+ Culture Center on campus.

“I really enjoyed this. I’m impressed that your students care about this and want to talk about prisons.”–from a board member of New Leaf New Life (organization that provides support to those in the incarcerated system)

“Can we keep going? Wait, there’s so much more I want to talk about!” –from a student

  1. In Writers Workshop, we distinguished between interview questions that are related to a person’s job or activist work and questions that are personal and relate to a person’s thoughts, beliefs, or memories.  Some students met with a guest (interviewee) and we held our first round of INTERVIEWS! Your children were professional, caring, engaged and just generally knocking it out of the ballpark!
  2. In P3, our CONFERENCE work took a bend towards recognizing how it feels to be shown gratitude. We worked on recording observations of traits and habits of others for which we are grateful and thanking them for being who they are. Each student is writing some form of a gratitude letter and anonymously giving it to another student. They are eager to receive these!
  3. Book clubs have had their second meeting! Agenda books are continuing from now until school ends as an organizational tool. They will be used to record the reading and writing assignments. If your child does Read Live, they will need to continue with it as their homework, and will not be doing the book club assignments.
    • Each week they’ll have two writing assignments due as well as reading.
    • Students are given time in class to begin working on their reading/writing assignments, but will likely need time outside of school to complete the work.
    • Last week, students checked in daily with their book club teachers to report how deadlines are being met. The assignment will be added to FreshGrade.

We will be starting ISTEP testing tomorrow. Monday and Thursday we’ll be testing the whole large group of students in the morning. Small groups of students will test throughout the day. It is very helpful to know in advance if your student has a planned absence. Attendance is very important. If your student has an appointment that cannot be easily rescheduled, please email their line teacher in addition to Ms. Kristin so teachers can plan accordingly. ISTEP testing begins April 16 and finishes when we’ve tested all the students.

If you have questions about your child’s specific schedule, feel free to email us!



1. No SCHOOL this Friday, April 20th (bad weather make-up day)

2. ⅚ Performance of James and the Giant Peach: THIS TUESDAY! April 17th at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Auditorium. 122 South Walnut Street Bloomington, IN 47404

  • 5:45pm (Hopes line arrives) and 6pm (Hopes line performs).
  • 7pm (Dreams line arrives–no earlier – the previous show will be going on) and 7:15pm (Dreams line performs)

On 4/16 and 4/17 we will be at the Waldron Arts Center to rehearse. Please contact the office on those days if you should need to pick up your child early, as we may be off campus rehearsing.

3. Cast Party/Cereal Celebration THIS Wednesday, April 18.

Please send in a box of cereal with your child.

We are looking forward to celebrating the hard work and dedication students are putting in to their shows. We are excited to have a cereal party Wednesday morning. We will provide bowls, spoons, and milk. We are asking families to provide the cereal! Just one box of any variety of cereal will do per family. For those with food restrictions: Teachers will provide dairy free milk and have some GF/Vegan alternatives on hand, but feel free to send in favorites if your child has dietary restrictions 🙂

4. We need more pencils. Any pencils that can be sent in would be greatly appreciated!

5. Books and Beyond 10 Year Celebration…Are you attending? Please RSVP here if you and your student author will attend (due to space limitations, please only RSVP for 1 student and 1 family member.)

6. We appreciate the healthy snacks! We strive to have snacks where sugar is not listed as the first five ingredients. We will be ISTEP testing Monday and Thursday and would love to have more substantial snack items such as cheese, breakfast bars, or bananas.

Snack schedule:
Last names Allen-Crouch – 4/16, 5/14
Last names Daniels-Lawson – 4/23, 5/21
Last names Leinenbach-Port – 4/30, 5/29
Last names Pulley-Wright  4/9, 5/7

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • What are you learning about speaking and listening during interviews?
  • What have you learned about about showing gratitude?
  • Which countries in North America are you curious about? What did you learn about land formations on North and South America?
  • How did you participate in your second book club meeting?

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