⅚ Newsletter -4/23

Weekly Highlights



James and the Giant Peach was a huge success! After weeks of dedication to memorizing lines, designing and building sets, and practice practice practice, we got to see the fruit of all their labor! Well done, ⅚ students! You were awe inspiring. -With Love,  Your ⅚ Teachers!

  1. In P3 this week, we did some constructing. First, we diagrammed a web of harm with topics and categories based on student observations.Then, we learned about The Pyramid of Hate:


Asma Jama, who is Somali-American, was eating in an Applebee’s restaurant. Another woman who heard Asma speaking Swahili and wearing a hijab demanded that she speak English or leave. When Asma told her she was a US citizen, the woman smashed her beer mug across her face, sending Asma to the hospital to get 17 stitches.

“My thoughts were, Man. That’s horrible.” -⅚ student

“I would think that is really mean. And it shouldn’t happen.” -⅚ student

At DePauw university last week, someone used giant rocks to spell out the n-word at a public nature park. This followed several other actions using the same language and violent phrases like “you must die.”

“I think that’s awful and I don’t understand what human would think that’s ok. And just. Why?!” -⅚ student

After reading through several scenarios this week that could be considered rooted in discrimination or hate, students determined where they felt these scenarios fell on the pyramid of hate. We learned that the base of The Pyramid of Hate is where attitudes of prejudice begin and at the top of the pyramid is acts of violence.

Next, students chose the topics they will each be presenting at our upcoming conference. The conference will be led by students and will center around the them of alternatives to harm. It is scheduled for the end of May. Stay tuned for more details!

  1. In Writers Workshop, we continued our work with interviews and had a few more groups of students interview guests. Enthusiasm is still really strong for this and we are really excited to see how this develops into the next writing piece. Thinking small about writing, each writing piece is made of many paragraphs. We started work on generating paragraphs and discussed the criteria of a good paragraph.
  2. We will continue ISTEP testing next week. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday we’ll be testing the whole large group of students in the morning. Small groups of students will test throughout the day. It is very helpful to know in advance if your student has a planned absence. Attendance is very important. If your student has an appointment that cannot be easily rescheduled, please email their line teacher in addition to Ms. Kristin so teachers can plan accordingly. If you have questions about your child’s specific schedule, feel free to email us!



Thank you for sending in all the yummy cereal and breakfast items. The students were delighted to have so many choices for their cast party on Wednesday morning!


Thank you to all who sent in the pencils. We appreciate all you do!

We could use some mints (Like the individually wrapped Brach’s or Lifesaver’s brands) for ISTEP testing. And chewing gum. We have found that having gum and/or mints available during testing can boost concentration and focus.

SNACKS: We will be ISTEP testing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. On those days in particular, it would be great to have more substantial snack items such as cheese or breakfast bars.

Snack schedule:
Last names Daniels-Lawson – 4/23, 5/21
Last names Leinenbach-Port – 4/30, 5/29
Last names Pulley-Wright  4/9, 5/7

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • What topic did you choose for the conference?
  • What do you know about conferences?
  • What inspired you from the James and The Giant Peach Performance?


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