⅚ Newsletter -4/30

Weekly Highlights


Some of the work we did this week on self-regulation and self-awareness in a chart!

  1. In P3 this week, we did analyzing of scenarios and discussed where they fell on the Equality and Power and Control Wheels. After watching some short clips from movies, the large group talked about what they noticed in the movie scenes. Then, in partnerships, they identified equality wheel behaviors from the scenarios. Next there was a compare & contrast between the equality wheel and power and control-wheel scenarios. Students thought about what they would do vs. what they should do. They were asked “Why might your actions be different than what you think the right thing is?” The goal was to  challenge student’s own assumptions and ask, “What might get in the way of positive behaviors?”

IMG_20180423_140409 (1).jpg

Our collective observations on essays

  1. We gained more practice in our lines this week with interviews. Students got to do a little improv in a mock talk show. The “guests” had intro music and there was clapping and laughter! It was joyful to see students demonstrate their interview skills and have fun in a lighthearted way. The skills they are gaining in asking big important questions that are open-ended will be valuable life-long skills. Thinking about our writing, we began the work of identifying a thesis for our upcoming essays. The 5 paragraph essay will be the culmination in our Interview Unit. The big work will be integrating their facts, evidence, and quotations from the interview, into their essay.
  2. Most Book clubs have had their third meeting! Agenda books are continuing from now until school ends as an organizational tool. They will be used to record the reading and writing assignments. If your child does Read Live, they will continue with that as their homework and will not be doing the book club writing assignments.
    • Each week they’ll have two writing assignments due as well as reading.
    • Students are given time in class to begin working on their reading/writing assignments, but will likely need time outside of school to complete the work.
    • Last week, students checked in daily with their book club teachers to report how deadlines are being met.
  3. We will continue ISTEP testing next week. Small groups of students will test throughout the week and Wednesday we’ll be testing the whole large group of students in the morning. It is very helpful to know in advance if your student has a planned absence. Attendance is very important. If your student has an appointment that cannot be easily rescheduled, please email their line teacher in addition to Ms. Kristin so teachers can plan accordingly. If you have questions about your child’s specific schedule, feel free to email us!


Agenda books are continuing from now until school ends as an organizational tool. In addition to students copying the reading/writing assignments from Book Clubs and other deadlines, they will be used to get initials from family members. This is a great opportunity for a home-school connection. You should see a teacher’s initial about once a week as well.

Thanks to your generosity, we had lots of chewing gum and hard candies this week! Our students really enjoyed this added boost for their concentration and focus.

Thank you for all the healthy snacks! Here’s the Snack schedule:
Last names Daniels-Lawson – 5/21
Last names Leinenbach-Port – 4/30, 5/29
Last names Pulley-Wright- 5/7

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • What did you learn about the Equality Wheel?
  • What do you know about the role of a thesis in an essay?
  • What surprised you when you filled out the “All About Me” page for CPR this week? (Some of the responses they gave were answers to these questions: What are you proud of? What do you not believe in? What is something you regularly do? What worries you?)

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