Newsletter 30 – 5/13/2018


Curricular Summit this Wednesday – Help us plan for next year. Please fill out this QUICK survey to help us make some important curricular decisions that will impact what we teach next year.

End-of-Year Parent/Teacher & Student Conferences coming up. We will be sending invitations for our family conferences soon. Your child is expected to be at these conferences. Last week, they did some reflective work to prepare what they will say in these meetings.

THANK  YOU to all who helped make Project Celebration a big success! We are excited for all the possibilities that come from what was announced and from all the donation made in light of our school.

Weekly Highlights

Field Day Fun!

Strengthening Friendships & Building Healthy Relationships – This week, student pairs played games to help get to know one another better. Having something to do, such as a game with rules, can help people connect and have fun.

P3 – Students are preparing for our student-led symposium, in which they will be teaching invited community members alternatives to violence. This week, they zeroed in on what they will be teaching. Students also listened in on a live-recorded conversation that Mr. Devlon had with his wife Wendy. They spoke about stereotypes and racism they’ve endured in their lives.


Writer’s Workshop – After noticing many students struggling with the thesis and set up of their essays, we had students approach their essays in a different way. This week, students were given two separate prompts, based on their interviews and will be using that writing to polish into an essay.

Book Clubs – New books were assigned and sent home with students this week.  Clubs will have their first meeting this week.Read Live students will continue the work assigned to them by Ms. Pam.

Geography Challenge – Students reviewed their score on their TEST OF THE AMERICAS and set new goals. They will have one final test to reach their new goal this Friday.

Questions To Ask At Home

  1. What game did you and your partner play during CPR?
  2. What stood out to you in your interview? Did you include that in your paragraphs you wrote last week?
  3. Have you shared me on your writing doc?
  4. Who are the characters in your new book club?
  5. Show me the packet that goes along with your book club reading?
  6. What’s your new goal for your geography test?

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