Newsletter 31 – 5/20/2018


NWEA testing continues this week. Larger groups testing Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday mornings. Smaller groups testing in morning slots throughout the week.

We will walk to the Waldron to watch the 7/8 class dress rehearsal Tuesday morning. Their class is performing a “mash-up” of Romeo & Juliet with West Side Story called Star-Crossed.

Alternatives to Violence Conference – Tuesday, June 5 – Wednesday, June 6 at the Monroe County Public Library. 5/6 students will be leading, participating and attending sessions of their student-led conference.

No school this Friday – Conference Day.

No school next Monday – Memorial Day.

Weekly Highlights

P3 – Students are preparing for our student-led conference, in which they will be teaching invited community members alternatives to violence. This week, they began planning their individual sessions. Also this week, we hosted a guest speaker, Dana Black, an Indiana politician. She spoke to our students about civil engagement and how to make positive change in our society.

Writer’s Workshop – Students completed writing their essay paragraphs and looked at ways they were using transition words to help their writing flow.

Book Clubs – Students completed their first book club meeting and turned in their week one assignments. Week 2 assignments are due this THURSDAY. Read Live students will continue the work assigned to them by Ms. Pam.

Geography Challenge – Students took a TEST OF THE AMERICAS on Friday. They were challenged to learn many of the countries and territories of the North and South American Continents.  They will get their test results this week and will reset their goals for one final test they will take in the next week.

Questions To Ask At Home

  1. What stuck out to you from the guest speaker, Dana Black, this week?
  2. How was your first book club meeting? How often did you share?
  3. Have you shared me on your writing doc?
  4. What are you preparing to teach for the P3 conference?
  5. What’s going well for you in class?

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