Zines from Silence is Violence Conference

Fair Friendships – Ella

Fairness – Kai’ava

Good Communication – Keller

Good Communication – Sydney

Good Communication – Zoey

Honesty & Accountability – Mindy

Self-Confidence – Tori

Self-Confidence – Willa

Self-Confidence- Kaimi

Shared Power & Responsibility – Elijah

Trust & Support – Sami

Newsletter 33 – 6/10/18

Weekly Highlights

We were so impressed at the work our students did at our student led conference, Silence is Violence: A Conference on Healthier Relationships, at the library last week. Some students led workshops that taught strategies and skills to groups of fellow students and families to help them create equality in our world. Others created zines, animations, slide shows, and cartoons that taught ways to promote kindness and caring. Thank you to ALL who helped our students do this work.

This week, students are transforming our room into museum exhibits for our annual MAW – Museum of Authentic Work. We look forward to seeing you there!


Museum of Authentic Work (MAW) – Please join us TUESDAY, JUNE 12, at one of our Family and Community visiting times:



Book Swap – We’d like to try out 5/6’s first ever Book Swap! This WEDNESDAY, the last day of school, we are going to have an event where kids can take home a set amount of books that have been donated. This will provide them with some summer reading opportunities as well as a way us all to potentially do some cleaning. And that’s where you come in – we are asking families to do some sprucing and cleaning up of your at-home bookshelves – checking to see if there are any titles that can be donated and be used by someone else. Please send these books in any time in the next weeks and contact Kalei with any questions.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home:

  • What topic did you teach about at the library (or what did you create)?
  • How did others respond to your presentation or display?
  • What exhibit are you working on for the MAW?
  • How do you feel (generally) about the end of the school year in the classroom?
  • What will you miss about school this summer? What will you not miss?
  • What do you hope continues next year?