Newsletter 3 – 8/27/18

P3 & Arts Integration

We have been working on a study of rules. Our read aloud The First Rule of Punk has led our main character to face up to her new school’s dress code. We talked about implicit (hidden) and explicit (visible) rules in our school and Bloomington community. We also took a look at TPS’s dress code.

Writers Workshop

We had a soft deadline of Friday for students to submit their first two personal narratives. In our unit, they’ll be compiling at least four stories that center around a theme. Their Art to Remember piece will be the cover of a booklet they’ll create in the coming weeks.


We have been building stamina during our reading time in the afternoon by doing Independent Daily Reading (IDR). This week, students will select their first choices for book clubs, which will begin later this week.


Today, students will bring home the permission slip for the filming event that will happen tomorrow. You’ll find it in the blue folders that we give out to kids. We’ll be sending out a longer letter on our approach to homework in 5/6 this year.

5/6 Celebration

This Friday, August 31, we’ll be having a celebration for students at school. Please meet us in the parking lot at 6:45 for us to take your kiddos for a few hours to enjoy some snacks and a movie in the 5/6 classroom. This will be an event for 5/6 students only.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

-Where did you go during the arts integration time and what rules did you observe?
-What is your passions? How has it been going ?
-What is the theme of your stories? How are you feeling about writing them?
-What do you feel you’ve learned about members in your community?