Newsletter 6 – 9/15/18

Weekly Updates

This week we moved from writing our pieces to turning them into zines! A zine is a self-published magazine and is/was a part of the punk movement that we’re reading about in The First Rule of Punk (our read aloud). Kids are storyboarding, cutting, collaging, finding images, and pulling together these zines – the final touch will be their Art to Remember cover!

We also started our book club meetings. The theme of this round is for kids to build listening skills. Students brought ideas to the meeting, had a chance to share their ideas with the group, and then their group members repeated back and connected to what they heard.

We’ve been adding in some “mindfulness” to our post-recess transition. We’ve been using videos from Mind-Yeti to bring down our energy and be ready for IDR & Book Club Meetings.


  • We’ll be seeing The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe on Sept 21, 2018 at 10am. Please send in $6.50 for your child to attend. No child will be excluded based on an inability to pay and if anyone wants to cover an extra ticket (or portion thereof) – please feel free. These payments should come in as soon as possible!
  • We are carrying on a tradition of 5/6 – the pet wall. Please email us pictures or send in hard copies for us to add these members of your family to the wall outside our classroom.
  • Homework will come home tomorrow in blue folders. The assignment will involve kiddos talking/sharing with someone at home.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What images/ideas do you have planned out for your zine?
  • What is MaLú learning in The First Rule of Punk about Selena?
  • How is the work of “listening” going in your book club?
  • How has advisory been going?

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